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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Panic or Hope...and news about the property

Easter Sunday, I had the privilege of preaching at our church--Five Mile Nazarene. Pastor Ben Turner had taken his dad to the dr. on Friday, and Saturday a.m., his dad had his own Easter service with Jesus! With all that happening, Pastor Ben asked me to preach. I was fascinated with the passage in John 20. Mostly, I was fascinated with Mary Magdalene's two responses to the disciples. First-"They've taken him and I don't know where." Can you hear the PANIC? Later after John and Peter run to the tomb, find it empty, and then leave Mary there by herself, Mary encounters the risen Christ. She returns to the disciples saying, "I've seen the Lord!" Words full of HOPE! I can't help but wonder, though, which the world hears most from Christians--They've taken Jesus. Or that we have encountered the risen Jesus and seen Him at work in our lives? Panic, or Hope? This ministry is all about bringing hope to students at BSU who live in a world of panic. My prayer is that this is what this minsitry is known for: Hope. What a privilege!

That being said, I recieved news that the house we were wanting to buy had an offer made on it and was accepted. I don't know who made the offer. Here again, do I panic, or hope. I choose hope. At this point, several things could happen: someone buys it for themselves, someone buys it for us, or the sale falls through. As much as I liked this property, I find myself at peace, and full of hope that God sees the big picture, knows what is best, and will show the way. If we have prayed that God open and shut the right doors, then if this door shuts for this property, that is an answer to prayer. I find myself not praying that it will go one way or another. Rather, I'm praying that God will do whatever will glorify himself the most and become part of His-story (history) in the retelling of this ministry for years to come! Let's be people of hope and let's keep praying that God's will be done, that He'll show us the right direction to go location wise!

Blessings and Hope to you!

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