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FAITH-ER Coaster

Faith-er Coaster
Here is a great article written by wife, Tami.  To see in print format, click on the Current Newsletter link.

When my husband, Ben Moore (administrator of Crosswalks Coffee), asked me if I would write an article for June’s newsletter, I quickly agreed because I knew God had  given me an important message to share with our supporters!  Initially, I wrote four pages of text that equated our story to my first looping roller coaster ride...the Mindbender in Alberta, Canada (see picture).  I was having great difficulty writing the message when God clarified why the story wasn't working and suddenly, this article happened.

For the past few weeks, I have had a premonition that something BIG is about to happen and that we need to be ready to step out in faith...again!  Much like Peter stepping out on the water (Mathew 14:26-33), we are being asked to step out into the scary “Unknown.”  I should add that our story brilliantly illustrates how God      repeatedly and abundantly provides for the needs of those who follow him in faith.  In November, 2008, our family left Springfield, Missouri, on faith to follow God's call on our lives to return to Boise even though we had NOTHING there.  We left Missouri with next to no money and arrived in Boise with no job, no house, no prospects, no money, and a reluctant desire to live here again.  As a result, when we arrived, God saw fit to provide housing, food, clothing, bill money, jobs, peace, healing, and the launch of His brand new ministry to the BSU Community.  When our resources ran out in August 2009, God did it again...a second new job, new leadership members, new contacts, paycheck arrangements, etc.  And now, just to change things up, He's doing it again...only this time, he's taking the job away!  

In a moment, I will share what is happening, but first I implore you to take a moment to pray, get your breath, your courage, and your faith!  Get ready to join us in this step of faith to which we, as the Crosswalks Coffee Community, are being called.  Our prayer is that each one of you will be receptive to the Holy Spirit's promptings and will act on whatever God inspires you to do, no matter how scary or impossible it seems.  Ready?  Here we go!!!

Did you know that in the past year we have finally reached a point in preparations for the BSU ministry that we can actually get started at a moments notice----with the exception of two things.  First, the ministry God has given us needs a location from which to operate.  For a while, God told us "Wait" and now, a prime location is in the works!  Second, we need   financial support for our ministry.  This is where you, our supporters, can journey with us!  Are you excited yet?  Well, keep reading because many miraculous developments have shown us that God is working all things out to help this ministry!

First, we have found vendors who have agreed to provide all our coffeehouse supplies for a good discount!  We also have baristas who are ready and waiting for our call to come and help.  Next, many students and faculty are willing and eagerly awaiting an opportunity to be a part of our Core Group.  In  addition, we have been granted the ability to  immediately    purchase ALL the start-up supplies we need, for less than $3,000.00----a fraction of the usual cost!  Our leadership team is growing, and we have prepared a new name and logo for the BSU ministry.  Finally, we have found a perfect property and location that meets all the needs for this ministry.  The price of this    property has already been lowered by $50,000.00, now costing only about $108.00 per square foot. 

This is where you ALL come into the faith journey in a real way.  The asking price of the house is $390,000. Unfortunately, we are all feeling the financial crunch of the recent recession.  We know that asking you to financially support us in this ministry, if you can barely support the needs of your own family, is ludicrous. However, we are in the same boat; we know, too, how hard it is to make ends meet with few resources. We believe that God is calling us ALL to trust him in new ways, in order for Him to demonstrate how only He can provide for our needs.  Can you trust Him in this way?

Wednesday, June 16th, the Special Education       Director in the Caldwell School District notified me that, due to budget constraints in the system, the school board could not offer me a position again.   This job was our family's main source of income!  Yet, rather than feeling afraid, concerned or upset, I      immediately experienced many POSITIVE feelings: relief, excitement, contentment, confidence, and a renewed confirmation of our calling!  We know that, once again, GOD knows we are now faced with impossible odds----but He has ALWAYS provided for us in our greatest areas of need----and we trust Him to do the same this time!  Our family has learned to understand that every crisis----such as losing my job----provides just another means for God to bring glory and honor to his name.

As I mentioned earlier, I'd been aware that something BIG was and still is about to happen.  Just to make sure we are willing to trust God with the impossible, He has allowed me to lose my job.  Now we get to see what He wants to do with it!  We will begin doing our part to see where He is leading us and what we are to do next.  Until then, we are thrilled and excited to see what He will work out...again!

One of my husband's favorite phrases and sermons is "Whodathunkit?" based on Ephesians 3:20-21—“
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

Losing my job is just the beginning of another chapter of "Whodathunkit?" events in our lives----no doubt the beginning of another spiritual roller coaster ride. 

We are asking you to join us in this impossible "Whodathunkit?" ride, just to see how God makes the impossible...possible!  Just as every roller-coaster has segments of ups and downs, fast and slow, loops and bumps, and thrills or scares, you can be sure this spiritual journey will be similar.  What will be special, though, is that this spiritual roller-coaster ride is all for the glory of God...and it will all be worth it!!!  You will experience excitement, passion, thrill, fear, danger and more----but if you are open to it, you will eventually see how God's hand was in all and He was and is master of the controls. 

Please be praying, be open, and be willing to follow through on impossibilities.  Trust God----and join us on this exciting journey!