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From Feb 2011 Newsletter:

We are still pursuing the perfect place for our ministry!  This picture is from an ideal 4,401 square foot property on Boise Avenue.  Appraised at $425,000, it has now dropped in price to just under $350,000 (approximately $79.50 per square foot).  Recently, I spoke with another campus minister about the red-tape we encounter at Boise State.  His response surprised me, “That’s why a ‘third place’ (after home and school) to gather is so important.”  In other words, by having our own location we can do much more ministry and have much less red-tape at Boise State.  Are you able to be an investor to make this happen?  Please call to partner with us!

Creative Access (from OCT 2010 Newsletter)
When one talks about being a Missionary, there is a term for limited access countries.  That term...Creative Access.  A missionary is not able to go into the country as a missionary, but can enter as a professional. 
For Crosswalks Coffee, we are utilizing creative access to gain entrance onto a campus that is typically almost impossible to enter as a ministry.  A prime-picked location would provide a safe place near campus that students would feel was their own.  It brings an immediate way to break down walls and preconceived notions of some in the Boise State Community.  This model has worked around the world.  It gives us the opportunity to witness to our   Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the world all at one time!
Currently, we are seeking and praying for God’s wisdom and      direction on three properties.  Two are properties we’d like to buy.     Buying either one of these properties offers many advantages such as a home-like atmosphere and intern housing.  The third property involves sharing the Wesley House, working in conjunction with the United Methodist ministry. 
We have put a lot of thought and research into trying to find the best possible location for us.  More importantly, we’ve been seeking God on this crucial issue.  Would you pray with us for God’s direction in this area, for God’s best plan, and God’s provision?  Thanks!


October 14, 2010
We have continued to look at possible locations.  The first is at 2015 W. Boise Ave and is a great setting.  It is now priced at $380,00.

The second was a property that was for auction at 2189 Boise Ave.  Although we looked at it and loved it, we did not have the ability to place a bid.

The third is the Wesley Student Center.  We are exploring cooperating with this campus ministry until we get our own location. 

June 21, 2010--The District Properties Board has looked at the property we desire.  They suggested a design architect that could help us check the viability for our use and to let us know what might be done.

Current cost is $390,000 to purchase the property debt-free.