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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2nd Class Citizen

Recently, I went to the district youth camp. Not to encourage students to go to BSU, but to find those that feel like God has led them there. I shared a few minutes in the service. When they introduced me and said that I was starting a ministry at BSU, there were some students that booed me. Not a big deal...some are from other states/area that are rivals of BSU.

Yet, no students came to talk to me about the BSU ministry at the given time. The perception I had was that students who attended BSU were considered traitor's to NNU. While this is not an official position by the district or NNU, for some reason, this perception exists.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that BSU campus is filled with people for whom Christ died. As I tried to sleep later that night, this thought hit me hard. I can't change the perception of others, but for me, it was reminder of what God is doing in my heart for this campus...creating a deep burden for God to do a wonderful miracle. And my heart is quickened by every step we take closer to ministering to this community. May God help us not to see others as someone to 'boo" but rather, as someone that Christ loves very much!