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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Property and name

Hey all,

First, here is a link to the campus ministry in Nebraska that is doing what we are doing and starting a coffee shop. http://www.growmagazine.org/story_NewDestination.html

Second, Tami and I went and looked at a house today. You can see pictures here: www.tourfactory.com/474846 . Also, in the video bar off to the right you can see videos we took. (or go to http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=F423D86F83776680) It really would be a great place from our perspective. Very little remodeling would need to be done. Pray with us for God’s best will and for the wisdom to know what to do. I am trying not express my true excitement, but to walk intentionally and expectantly. In other words, we really liked the place, but we don’t want to commit to strongly yet! Some of the things that will hold us back are immediate fund availability, and a conditional use regarding zoning.

Third, did you notice where the property is located? It is on Potter Street. (Tami and I both found that funny and ironic!) Joy suggested waiting until we know about this property before finalizing a name. When I told Dr. Borger (the District Superintendant) about the house and then the location, he chuckled before I even mentioned anything about the name. Tami and I both agree with Joy on waiting to finalize the name until we decide on this property. The Potter House (or Potter’s) would be such a natural fit. If we find a different location, the top name choice right now is Revive! We would appreciate your continued prayers!

Last night, I had a dream. In this dream, Tami and I invited a few people to a Bible Study. When the time came for the Bible study, people started coming and kept coming. We kept adding space, tables, chairs, subdividing, until there were around 450 people. I'm not saying it was prophetic or anything, but something about it encouraged me. And maybe, it will encourage you as well.

Finally, some prayer requests: please continue to pray for the action plan, location, and name. Also, please pray for student leaders. God is so good, and I just can't wait to be surprised by Him again. Thanks!

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