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Friday, December 4, 2009


I am really grateful for the number of people that have joined and been a part of FIRST, we're DOWN on our knees.  Your prayers have helped in signifigant ways!  Over 200 people joined the group on Facebook, with others commenting here, or telling me personally they were praying for God's Kingdom to come at BSU.

But now, it is time for the next step:  First & Goal.  First, we pray for BSU.  Second, we are trying to reach a financial goal.  But we're going to have fun doing it.  Boise State will play in a Bowl Game, probably in January.  We are encouraging people to give and help us reach a goal of $25,000 to help with the purchase of a property and other start-up expenses.

Here's how it works:
Option 1:  Pledge an amount per point that BSU scores in their bowl game.  If you pledge $1, and BSU scores 17 points (regardless of winning or losing...we're not betting!).  You would then send in a donation of $17.  You can also choose a minimum or maximum amount.  Let's say you pledge $10 per point.  And you set a minimum of $100 or a maximum of $250.  If BSU scores under 10 points, then you would send in a gift of $100.  If BSU scores 28 points, you would send in your maximum of $250.

Option 2:  You can pledge a flat amount, not based on points.  Simply pledge or send in a gift for whatever total amount you choose.  Some suggestions.  You could send in a field goal-$300.  Or send in a Touchdown $700.  Any amount you decide.  It's not based on points, just whatever set amount you decide.

To pledge, fill out the following form online: 
Pledge form
Now for the other fun part!!!  We are going to have a celebration tail gate party.  During the Fiesta Bowl, we are inviting anyone who wants to come to a tailgate party.  We will start at 5:30 on January 4th, have food, and watch the game on large screen tv's.  At half time, we will spend some time celebrating what God is doing through this ministry, and spend some time praying for God's kingdom to come through us at BSU.  If you are on Facebook, r.s.v.p. here:  Facebook R.S.V.P.   If you are not on Facebook, email me or leave a comment to this post.

To close, a brief thought about Christmas:  Christmas is not about presents, it is about presence.  Will you help us be that presence to the Boise State Campus?

Many blessings,