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Friday, November 6, 2009

Anything is possible from the 50.

We're in the middle of the football season, and there is a saying in the football world that "anything is possible from the 50." Touchdowns. Field Goals, Big plays, First Downs, etc. Things are looking good, confident, and hopefully, moving forward. Back on your own 10 or 20, everything looks a lot harder, and a lot further.

We are also just over 50 days in our 100 days of prayer for God's kingdom to come at Boise State University. And anything is possible. We're moving forward.

Several of the ministries on campus have given reports of amazing retreats. Others have noticed that although fewer in number, there is greater depth of the students, more focus, more leadership, and more involvement. Some groups have conducted baptisms. Others are sensing a new direction, as a leader or as a group. God has been answering our prayers!

And the requests continue. All of the ministries have noticed resources are tighter. Unlike churches, campus ministries do not have a tithing base. Would you pray for God to provide for all of the ministries? And if God gives you the ability to help financially, contact Ben Moore (group admin) and I can get you the address of a ministry that pulls at your heart. Also pray for wisdom, peace, and direction as ministry leaders are forced to make tough decisions. And continue to pray for faculty, staff, and students that they might recognize God's amazing love for them and respond to it.

Finally, some words from "Why Pray?" by John Devries.
"People are not merely isolated individuals to be won to Christ one at a time. A person is always part of a social fabric. A person has a home, relatives friends, and neighbors, all who influence each other. When we pray for people we should always be praying for their home, family, and sphere of influence. Our prayers should always be for more than individuals. They should shine God's light on the entire sphere of influence--their . God indicates the nations can be brought to Him--it's for the asking."

In the next four weeks, BSU football has national exposure every week. If you watch the games, when you hear, "It's a Boise State First Down," think and pray with me that "First, we're Down on our Knees" for God's kingdom to come.

Thanks for praying. Grace and peace.