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Monday, April 19, 2010

I recently read a post by a Campus Minister in Seattle named Tim--here are his thoughts:
Thoughts on Campus Ministry

I appreciated Tim's comments!  I resonate with them--especially the part about being a Missionary.  His thoughts on ministry centers is also very well stated, and very energizing!

I've been re-reading our ministry action plan...and it gets me so excited!  Currently, we have a location we really want--space, nice yard, large bathroom, and PARKING!  It's more than I was hoping to pay, but if it is of God, we can make it. 

We've also chosen a name!  It fits so well!  We'll be announcing it at District Assembly with our new logo!  You can check back here on May 13th for a reveal on this blog.

It's been a busy few months, and God is helping us!  We are moving ahead.   We've been meeting with students, help disciple them, praying for them, and watching God use us in small, but significant, ways. 

I'll keep you posted...I promise I'll do better!