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Monday, November 14, 2011

Treasure Hunting

A couple of our favorite movies to watch on occasion are Disney’s National Treasure series.  We are always captivated by the incredible discovery of treasure at the end.  It’s as if we become obsessed with the treasure hunt along with the crew, and we desire to find more.
  In the Bible, however, God teaches us not to store up treasures here on earth, but to store up treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:19-20). 
  So, what are those heavenly treasures?  For those of us serving in Crosswalks Coffee, those treasures are found in our ability to love, serve, and disciple students well.  We are obsessed with this treasure.  It is what drives and motivates us.  And, it is a whole lot more exciting and rewarding than seeking earthly treasures.  We know that when these students find Jesus as their treasure, it will be the best treasure they ever find!
  Here are some treasures we’ve discovered already. 
  Charity, a sophomore at BSU, and our student organization president, said: …“The girls' Bible study that started last semester was small, but through it, we all grew closer to God and to each other.”
  Tori, our Vice President from New York, has made four new friends within this group and recently informed us that she’s finally been plugging into a local church.    
   The Towers dorm was hosting a caramel apple event which Tami ended up “crashing” prior to their Bible study.  Rather, she stepped up to help the hosting RA’s. While doing so, Tami met and served Keith, a freshman, who responded by saying “Wow! I’ve only known you five minutes and I like you more by the minute. Thanks for helping!”
   Friends of Jared (our treasurer), received Care Kits full of food (see pg. 2 for their reactions).
  These are the treasures we store up in heaven, but thankfully also get to enjoy here, at BSU, now!
(From the Nov2011 Newsletter)