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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Campus Ministry is like washing dishes

I learned something today.  Campus ministry is a lot like doing dishes.  At my house, one of my chores is washing the dishes--by hand.  We don't have a dish washer.  And today, it struck me how much campus ministry is like doing dishes--you never seem to get done, it means getting your hands dirty and serving, and when you think you are done, a whole new load or batch of dishes is ready to be washed at the next meal.  Sometimes, I have to scrub hard, and there are students that need a good scrubbing.  Sometimes, dishes need to soak awhile.  That's true for students--they may not respond right away to the good news of Jesus, until they've soaked in it awhile.  And for us, in the beginning of this ministry, it seems like all we do is the hard, gritty work that never ends.  One day it will be worth it, just like seeing a sparkling glass--a student will sparkle as they share their lives with others.  Honestly, I hate doing the dishes and would gladly give it away, but I love campus ministry.  What other ways can you think of that (campus) ministry is like doing dishes.  Write a comment and let us know.