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Monday, May 11, 2009

Update, May 12

First, I found a book last week called Reaching the Campus Tribes, by Benson Hines. It is a free e-book download at http://www.reachingthecampustribes.com/, The whole point of this book is to recognize that campus ministry is more like international missions than Christian Education (i.e. youth group). It is an amazing book! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. It's less than 120 pages long, but articulates much of what I've been thinking! I'll be writing more about it, I'm sure. If you're interested in some of my favorite quotes, let me know, and I'll send you my list.

Second, this is a big week for us!!!! So far, we've been going up the first hill of the roller coaster. We're about to crest the top and gain momentum!!! It is the Intermountain District Assembly this week, and our exposure will go from a few churches to many! We're doing special things, and have a booth there. In my mind (it's not an official goal), I have a goal of $40,000 in faith promises to get things started this year. Would you pray with me in this area? We will also be doing some give-aways and showing a video. Please pray for the following: 1) strength for me, and a good attitude as I get tired, and an ability to share the vision; 2) getting everything done--printing, buying, video, etc; 3) my mom as she watches two energetic boys; 4) strength for Tami who will be joining me at the booth; and 5) receptive hearts. Thanks so much!! I'll try to update how it is going throughout the week.

And finally...the ACTION PLAN IS FINISHED!!! It was sent last week to the District Superintendent. Thanks for your prayers in this area! If you want a copy emailed to you, let me know. I won't be able to send all the addendums, but you can read the main part of the action plan.

One last note: just a reminder that God is so good. He is in this process! Thanks for journeying with us!

Grace and peace,


Benson Hines said...

Hey Ben!

Thanks so much for highlighting the book. I really appreciate it.

Hopefully you've continued to find it useful, and hopefully other people have, too!

Let me know if I can ever be of help! Hopefully I'll get to explore Boise one of these days...

Ben Moore said...


Thanks for the comment! The book has been very helpful, and I've quoted it several times. I even had to start a Word document that turned into several pages of quotes from the book because they were so meaningful. I've encouraged several pastors, other ministry leaders in our denomination, and the leadership team of two ministries to read it! The book has been so helful! Thanks. If you come to Boise, look me up!

Starlyth said...


I see that you were well received at InterMountain District Assembly. I'm trying to get our Northwest District fired up for this. Do you have any hints for me?

I have to agree that Benson Hines book is a help. I'm hoping his words will work where mine have not been as effective.

-Ian Kirk
Transitions Pastor
Moscow Church of the Nazarene